What is Ghost? Is Ghost Real?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ghost is you after you die. So you die, then you become a ghost. See my following old post which explains that ghost is simply the next milestones that you move to after your death.

Ghost is the next Milestone After Your Death

So, is ghost real? Of course, it is real because it is always there. After you die, you just move on and you don't stop there because that is how the entire universe or system works. Although it is always there, it doesn't mean you can communicate to them. Some who are able to communicate or believe the ghost is there, then ghost is real to them and vice-verse.

The reason why we can't communicate to them is their energies after death are scattered around, they are not concentrated. In other words, they don't move to just one milestones but multiple milestones. This is something new as I haven't explained this multiple milestones concept before. :) In reality, it is always multiple milestones, the single milestone is used to explain thing in a easier way.

If you look at a microscopic world, we all made up by energy (quantum physics). Imagine 100% of energy that makes up who you are and when you die, what will happen to these energies? They just spread out to different forms of energy. For instant, if it spreads to 10 X 10%, then you're hard to be detected after your death. On the other hand, if it spreads to 90% + 10%, the 90% which makes you can be easily detectable as compared to 10 X 10% spread. That's why you see those haunted places are usually due to those unpeaceful death because their energies are concentrated after death.

So now back to the question, is ghost real? I'm making assuming real is something that we can feel or communicate to. Then, I think:

Ghost Is Real If It's Energy Is Not Scattered Around

Hope it does make sense! Do comment if you believe in ghost or not. :)

Where did we come from? A big bang? Where did the "Big Bang" come from? Who created the "Big Bang" at the first place? A super intelligent creator? Well, this video - "The God Within" by Mike Adams is the best summary of all scientific explanations of our origin of universe that I have watched so far. Let's check it out! It is quite a lengthy video...

Unfortunately after you've watched this video,  you will still do not get the answer. The origin has been suggested as "Nothing", "Spontaneous Creation", "Dark Matter" or whatever theories that come up with, it still leaves with a very big question mark, where does the origin came from?

However, all those scientific explanations and experiments only tell you one thing which is the answer is from within. It is in fact has been proven scientifically that "no microscopic property is a property until it is is an observed property"! Thus it concludes that you're part of the universe and you can make changes to universe. The reality is our own reflections in other words, our reality is an illusion. 

An interesting experiment shows that electrons are particle when they are observed or else they are waves. Huh? Why is this so? Welcome to the Quantum Physics! Let's watch this video if you want to find out more. Yes, another lengthy video but you won't regret to finish it...

The conclusion of all these scientific explanation is you don't need to look externally to search for the origin but rather by understanding or knowing yourself, then you know what is the origin. That why's "the God is within" and this aligns of many meditation concepts and philosophy where focusing on consciousness and enlightenment which is also very similar to Buddhism teaching.

So now back the question, is there a scientific explanation of our origin? Honestly, the answer is

No, Because Explaining Our Origin Is Beyond Our Science

You may ask why is it so? Why our science cannot explain our origin? Well the answer is pretty simple too if you follow this blog closely enough. I'm sorry, it is not God. God is just one of the origins where HE has the origin too. So, the ultimate answer is

The Origin of Universe Does NOT Exist, Because Everything Is Looping.

If everything is at looping, there is no starting and ending points. If there is no starting point, there is no origin. The origin of universe does not exist at all. :) If it doesn't exist, how science can prove it? It is as simple as that. Do you agree?