What exactly is the SYSTEM?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, July 17, 2010

In my previous post, I talked about system defines the milestones but what exactly is the system? Is that an universe? Is that a country?  Is that a family? Is that myself? Yes, all these can be the system.

You maybe confused with what the system is but in reality the system which defines the milestones can be anything. The answer of that question is:

The System is Everything

A system can be anything, therefore everything is the system. Because system consists of list of milestones, therefore everything has their milestones too. So, who define the system that eventually defines the milestones? In reality the system is a extremely complex. Let's look at the following diagram for a simplify version of the system:

  1. System 1 consists of milestones. These milestones are defined by System 1. 
  2. System 1 itself is a milestone that defined by System 2. Therefore system 2 defines the milestones in system 1 too. 
  3. System 2 defines it's own milestones and it also defines the shared milestones with System 3. 
  4. System 4 defines system 1, 2, & 3. 

Assuming if you're in System 2, you have the control over the milestones in System 1 but you have no control over the milestone in System 2 because you're still within the system 2. However, you still can defines some of the milestones in System 3. What if you're in System 4? Does that mean you're God? Then, who defines the milestones in System 4?

Remember, everything is in progress and there is no ending and no beginning? Do you really think there is an ultimate source out there? Yes, depends on which system you're in.