Is Buddhist a Free Thinker?

Posted by ChampDog | Monday, December 27, 2010

You come into this question and probably you’re confused with the teaching of Buddhism because one of the very basic fundamental of Buddhism teaching is “Freedom to think freely and to understand the truth”. So does that mean a Buddhist or someone who practice Buddhism is a free thinker? Theoretical yes, but majority of Buddhists out there are not a free thinker because they think they’re Buddhist and not a free thinker. Thus, there are not a Free Thinker. 

If you completely understand the concept of Buddhism which is what I mean here – 100% Buddhism, you will realise that 100% pure Buddhist is actually a free thinker. Buddhist has the complete freedom to choose and think freely to understand the truth and this is exactly what I mean by the definition of free thinker. Is Buddhist a free thinker?

Yes ONLY if the Buddhist is 100% Buddhism. 

The answer will be “No”, if the Buddhist is <100% Buddhism. Most Buddhists will probably disagree with me but again this is just my opinion or at least my understanding or my interpretation of Buddhism. I welcome you to comment if you disagree with me and I'm happy to hear your opinion.

Here you go probably a sensitive statement that I’m going to made is:

“All free thinkers are actually Buddhist but not all Buddhists are free thinker”

Most Buddhist will probably think that free thinker and Buddhism are 2 separate entities that are similar but not exactly the same –  “if you’re a free thinker, Buddhism is probably the best religion for you.” But soon you will realized when you fully understand the Buddhism concept, it leads you back to a free thinker. Loop again…

p/s: If you’re a Buddhist here, let me know your thought on this article. What do you think?

[Update: June 16, 2012]: What is Buddhism?

Is Free Thinker an Atheist?

Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, November 14, 2010

While I was chatting with with a Christian friend, she asked me that what religion I”m. I basically told her that I do not have any religion, and I’m free thinker. Here you go the conversation between us:

Friend X: You’re then Atheist.
Me: Not exactly. I”m a free thinker.
Friend X: Do you believe in God?
Me: Yes, I do.  I think the answer is no based on your definition of God.
Friend X: Huh?
Me: Hmm… I think you can just say I don’t believe in God then.
Friend X: I see. So you’re an Atheist.
Me: Am I? Not exactly. I think I’m still a free thinker. :)

By definition, Atheist is someone who does NOT believe in God. Okay, this sounds pretty clear. But let’s look at the definition of free thinker which I found in dictionary (source: wordweb) which stated free thinker is:
  • A person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it.
  • Someone who does not hold many accepted opinions or beliefs.
Huh? I think these definitions of free thinker is “WRONG” or maybe I should say it is NOT completely “RIGHT”. I think a person who believes or NOT believe in God could be a free thinker.  A person who does or doest NOT hold any beliefs could be a free thinker too. This is because the definition of the “Free Thinker” is:

A person who has complete freedom to choose whatever they would like to think.

    In others words, a free thinker can choose whatever they want to believe and they aware of the choice they made. The “Complete Freedom to Choose” is the key here.  So, is free thinker an Atheist? There answer is “No”. Is Atheist a free thinker? The answer is “Perhaps Yes” !!!! 

    Why I said “Perhaps Yes”?

    If you’re an Atheist and you do not have the complete freedom to choose, you’re NOT an free thinker. However, if you fully aware that you choose to be Atheist, then you can consider yourself as free thinker. This may sounds confusing but let me ask you another question. If you’re an Atheist, would you believe in God if I can prove HIS existence to you? If your answer is YES, you’re a free thinker. If your answer is NO, you’re not a free thinker. You’re an Atheist. I hope this clears up everything.

    Similarly if you’re Christian or Muslim, you could be a free thinker too if you believe you still have choice to choose whatever you want to believe. I know this is a little bit sensitive here but this is my opinion on free thinker. So now back to this question of: "Is Free Thinker an Atheist?"

    “No, Free Thinker is NOT an Atheist but Atheist could be a Free Thinker”.

     Does this make sense to you?

    If you follow my blog close enough or even if you don’t, you can start reading it now and you will eventually end up with this question: “What is Everything”? You maybe confused but let me try to explain but let’s look at what has been discussed so far.

    Summary of My Previous Posts

    Everything has life and life is anything that can move by its own. Therefore, our universe is always in progress state which also means there is no beginning and no ending in our entire universe.  Due to the fact that the universe has no ending and no beginning, it always in progress to infinite milestones which are defined by the system and the system is everything.

    So by now you may realized that I started with “Everything” and it ends up with also “Everything”. So what exactly is EVERYTHING? You should have the best guess by now:

    Everything is Looping

    Let’s look at every life or any object that move by its own, how they move? They in fact all move in a loop. This is no exception to electron, earth and sun and so on all the way to the higher or lower of the system. Looping is the key no matter what perspective you’re looking at it. This also explains why “Deja Vu” happens and why people can predict the future. The reason is they have been in the loop before and they have gone through the path that they may aware or may not aware of it at all.

    One very interesting thing here is, are they going to the same loop again and again? Not exactly! This is because the entire loop is looping too. When you start at point A then B, C, D and back to A (i.e. A->B->C->D->A). You seem to be back to A but not exactly because the entire loop (i.e. A->B->C->D) is just part of another loop system. You back to the point A and this point A may look exactly the same with your previous point A but it is NOT.

    Let’s look at the diagram above and see if you can get it (Sorry, I lazy to draw myself and I used this electron diagram to illustrate this and hopefully you can get it). As you can see, while the electron (BLUE) is moving around the nucleus (RED), both of them are also in fact are moving too in one direction. So when the electron back to the point A where it started, it is technically not exactly the same place although it looks exactly the same place within the electron's perspective or worldview.

    Therefore it leads to another very interesting conclusion is:  

    We Think We Are that We Are Not!

    What is the definition of GOD?

    Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, August 28, 2010

    In my previous post, I talked about God does exist only when we look at him from a perspective that within a specific system. So now it lead to a question: What is God? What is definition of God? In my opinion, I think GOD is...

    A living object within a SYSTEM that has Full Control over another System

    He is still a living object because everything has life (of course, God has no exception too). Please keep in mind that God is till within the system which He has no full control over it. He is still within a system that consist of full of milestones that He will still need to go though and these milestones are defined by the upper system.

    You may be confused that I mentioned God has "Full Control" over another system which could also mean that God defines the milestones in the system that he has the control. So now the question is, does God or System define the milestones?

    If you look at from the perspective of a system that God has full control over it, God is the one defines all the milestones. However, if you look at this from the perspective of the entire universe which consist of all kind very complex nested of systems, all these milestones are defined by the higher-level of system. God is just part of the entire system. Therefore if you look from the higher perspective, it is the system that defines the milestones NOT exactly the God.

    Disagree with me?

    So now you may argue this is the "Chicken and Egg" problem. What is the different of saying the SYSTEM or the GOD to define everything! In my story, I just replace "God" with a "System" - Did I? I think this is really good question as also brought up by Michael Tsen in our previous discussion that I'm in fact going "NO WHERE" in the discussion. Also another comment: It doesn't matter anymore if all these things are about "Perspective".

    First of all, all religion or philosophy topics will eventually lead to the "Chicken and Egg" problem. Don't you think so? To stop that discussion, God is then created and defined as an ultimate source of creator. Since I believe there is no beginning and ending in our universe due to the fact everything is in progress (why I think so), we can't get away from the "Chicken and Egg" problems - I wouldn't say that is the problem. I agree that you may argue that the SYSTEM can also be defined by GOD. However, that doesn't really matter because what I really want to bring out is these 2 important key points:
    • There is NO ultimate source or ultimate ruler of our entire universe.
    • Our entire universe is always in the infinite progress stage.
    Talking about perspective, it is also a very important concept that everyone needs to understand. Why some religions believe their own God and deny the others? Why some don't believe in God at all? Why some believe in all Gods from different religion? One may say this doesn't matter anymore if all these things are about "Perspective" and what's the point of discussion?

    No matter what you do (whether you talk about religion or your daily work or your argument and discussion with someone for any topics), it is all about "Perspective" which we can't run away from. Of course this eventually will lead to a different definition too.  However, does that mean there is no meaning of discussion? In my opinion, I think it is still important because we're still looking for a answer that we don't know and this is a progress too....

    Discussion: What is your definition of God? Mind to share?

    P/S: If God does exist, so how many Gods out there? If He is not an ultimate source, does that mean there are many Gods?

    Does God Really Exist?

    Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, August 08, 2010

    I'm a free thinker and I'm always being asked by my friends that "Do I believe in God"? I find it difficult to answer the question especially for those who believe in God.The reason is that I believe God does exist but HE is not the ultimate source. HE is probably the ultimate source for all of us, but HE may not be ultimate source in the entire universe - I explained that in my previous article: What is the System? Therefore, to answer this question:

    Yes, God Does Exist

    You may argue that by the definition of "God", it is the ultimate source of everything (the entire universe). Then, my answer to that question will be No, God Does Not Exist. To a lot of people who believe in God will think that I do not believe the God because I do not believe in ultimate source. Well, I have different opinion on this. Well, I do believe the existence of God but he is not the ultimate source in the entire system. God is only the ultimate source within someone's world view or perspective. Is God the ultimate source? Yes, it is only within someone's perspective.

    To argue whether there is an ultimate source out there, all back to the question whether do you think our universe is always in progress state or static? I prove that (did I?) our entire universe is always in progress, therefore I can conclude that there is no ultimate source in our entire universe. Does that make sense to you?

    I'm sure many of you will disagree with me but I"m completely opened to all kinds of comments! God does exist within our world view and I don't deny the existence of God. :) So if you understand correctly what I was trying to say, it is all about perspective....

    What exactly is the SYSTEM?

    Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, July 17, 2010

    In my previous post, I talked about system defines the milestones but what exactly is the system? Is that an universe? Is that a country?  Is that a family? Is that myself? Yes, all these can be the system.

    You maybe confused with what the system is but in reality the system which defines the milestones can be anything. The answer of that question is:

    The System is Everything

    A system can be anything, therefore everything is the system. Because system consists of list of milestones, therefore everything has their milestones too. So, who define the system that eventually defines the milestones? In reality the system is a extremely complex. Let's look at the following diagram for a simplify version of the system:

    1. System 1 consists of milestones. These milestones are defined by System 1. 
    2. System 1 itself is a milestone that defined by System 2. Therefore system 2 defines the milestones in system 1 too. 
    3. System 2 defines it's own milestones and it also defines the shared milestones with System 3. 
    4. System 4 defines system 1, 2, & 3. 

    Assuming if you're in System 2, you have the control over the milestones in System 1 but you have no control over the milestone in System 2 because you're still within the system 2. However, you still can defines some of the milestones in System 3. What if you're in System 4? Does that mean you're God? Then, who defines the milestones in System 4?

    Remember, everything is in progress and there is no ending and no beginning? Do you really think there is an ultimate source out there? Yes, depends on which system you're in.

    Who Define the Milestones?

    Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, May 15, 2010

    As per discussed in my previous post that we are in progress to infinite milestones but one question that we have in mind is that "Who Define the Milestones?"

    Two questions that most people have in mind are: Is it God? or Is it ourselves? You may think that a free thinker's answer will usually to be themselves and religion person's answer will usually is God. Unfortunately both are not really the answer. The answer is:

    The "SYSTEM" defines the milestones.

    Yes, the answer is the system. However, there are 2 very important concept here:
    • If you're WITHIN the system, the milestones are defined by the system. 
    • If you're OUTSIDE of the system, the milestones within the system are defined by you. However, the milestones outside of the system are defined by another system. 

    You get it right that we're in fact live in a nested system and this nested system is infinite which also explains why the milestones are infinite too. Again, the basic fundamental is similar to how our universe works which is there is no ending and no beginning. So now the next question is: What is the SYSTEM? Is system here refer to the UNIVERSE?

    If there is no beginning and no ending in your universe, where are we in progress to? We're in progress to where? Are we in progress to nowhere? Are we in progress to somewhere? Is there a destiny for every single of us?

    I know probably many of you will think I"m talking crap here but if you really understand how the universe works, the ultimate answer for this question is:

    "We are In Progress to Infinite Milestones"

    The answer is very simple because our universe is always in the non-stop continuous process which also mean there is no beginning and no ending in this universe. It has no boundary and it is an infinite system. However, every single "LIFE" in this universe must has a purpose to somewhere and this somewhere is called the milestone which eventually leads to another milestone and so on.

    So now it leads to another interesting question. Who define the milestone?

    Is there a beginning in our universe?

    Posted by ChampDog | Thursday, April 29, 2010

    This is probably the most popular question that everyone has it in their mind and the fact is that no one really knows the answers except me. :D I'm just kidding but you can evaluate my answers whether it makes sense to you and I hope you will agree with my answer too whether our universe has the beginning. So, her you go my answer:

    No, our universe does NOT have a beginning.

    As I mentioned in my previous post that everything is in progress or moving in this world, so in order to prove that our universe has a beginning, we must prove that at least "SOMETHING" is "STATIC". The sad news is we're unable to prove that because every static objects eventually will be be proven wrong (which is in fact moving).

    The PERSPECTIVE is a key. It really depends on which perspective you're looking at. We have seen many objects are not moving or in STATIC but if we look from another perspective, those objects are moving in reality. However, have you seen any "Moving" objects are in fact "Static" from a different perspective? The answer is clearly no. Even if the answer is yes, then you're probably looking at the perspective that similar to the "Moving" object (e.g. you're moving as the same direction and same speed with the object). This is not true because the static is only true with relative to you but not somebody else.

    No matter how hard we try to prove anything that is static, it will always be proven wrong when we look at it from a higher perspective. Therefore we can conclude that if we ever can prove this universe is "STATIC" and has the beginning, it will be always proven wrong if you look at it from a higher perspective. So based on this argument, I will say ultimately our universe has no beginning and everything is in progress. This also means that our universe has NO ENDING too.

    Does this make sense to you?

    Can you prove our universe is in progress?

    Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, April 24, 2010

    If you read my previous post on what is life, you may noticed that I mentioned our universe is in progress because all the things in this world are moving. So now the big question is "Can I prove it scientifically?"

    The thing is I don't need to because it had already been proven. Let's look at a static object around you (e.g. chair, table, laptop and etc.) Whether you're looking at the micro-perspective (i.e. electron are moving around the atoms inside an object) or macro-perspective (i.e. object on earth is moving along the sun), all the objects around you are in fact moving in reality. So, can I prove the universe is in progress?

    Yes I can and you can prove it too, because all the objects in the universe are moving.

    If our universe is NOT in progress, we must prove that all the things in this world must be STATIC. However, at this point in time we have no ways to prove (not even a single thing) in this universe is STATIC. Therefore, we can conclude that our universe is in progress.

    Now it leads to another more challenging question is whether our universe has the beginning. You may argue that when this universe started, everything is in STATIC. Well, who knows?

    History of ChampDog

    Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, April 17, 2010

    ChampDog was a nickname that I invented when I started to use internet many years ago. However, this was not only the nickname that I had. It has it's origin...

    Before ChampDog Was Invented

    When I was young, people liked to call me "Sor San". The nickname is in Cantonese. "Sor" means crazy or insane and "San" is just part of my name. Most of my friends at that point in time thought that I"m crazy. Therefore, they gave me this nickname.

    A very funny thing is everyone of  us had our own nickname in school. We didn't call each other our real names (except for teachers) but our nicknames instead. In fact for teachers, we had the nicknames for all them too!

    I had been carrying this nicknames since primary school for probably 7 years until when I was in form 3 (secondary school) ...

    "Sor San" Evolved to Susan

    Unbelievable after 7 years,  this "Sor San" nicknames had evolved to become "Susan". It was discovered by one of my friends who did a same school project with me. From that time onwards, not all (probably 70% of the people in School) called me Susan. What a crap? I'm a man but they give me a girl's name...

    Although I didn't really like this name but one thing I did like about this name is the name "Susan" is exactly the same real name with another girls that I really liked at that time. She sat in front of me everyday. I felt like I owned part of her (names only) therefore I don't really feel offensive when people called me "Susan".I just let it be...

    Susan Didn't Last Long

    This "Susan" nickname slowly died off as it didn't really reflect to who I'm really are except the pronunciation is a little bit similar to "Sor San". I don't think I was that "La Pek" - which means "Girlish" at that time. Due to my outstanding performance in school (I was upgraded from the worst class to the best class in school). Therefore, I was given a name "Champion". It was not really pronounced as the way English does but instead in Hakka (Chinese's Dialect) - it was pronounced as "Jump Pen".

    "Jump Pen" didn't last long either. It probably last for less than 2 years. All these names (i.e. Sor San, Susan, and Jump Pen) had never come online because the internet was not popular yet at that point in time. So technically speaking, Sor San, Susan, and Jump Pen has never born in this virtual internet world. By the way, these names was given by others not even myself!

    ChampDog was Born in mIRC

    ChampDog was born when I was trying to figure out a nickname for my mIRC - Internet Relay Chat account. I guess that is very obvious the "Champ" was came from my last nickname. and "Dog" was simply just of my best friend during my young days. Dog was kind of like my soul mate rather than my pets and we talked about a lot of stuff. So, what I did was to combine this two to become "ChampDog".

    ChampDog was first appeared on the internet in mIRC. It was fist getting very famous (I think) in mIRC - Internet Relay Chat. It was the founder for 2 quite popular channel in Malaysia that is #JB and #JOHOR. FYI - JB or Johor is one of the state located at the south of peninsular Malaysia. Perhaps you may not aware that being a founder of one of the channel in mIRC is like you're owning a company. I spent like almost 24 hours everyday to make sure the company runs smoothly.

    ChampDog is Now Into Blogging

    ChampDog in mIRC was eventually died off soon too after my graduation until 4 years ago I started a blog in 2006 to talk about my Journey to Become Financially Independent. Later on in 2007, I started another blog to talk about the Free Useful Software Review  that I have used before. I do have quite number of other blogs but these 2 blogs are the most active one (although not really active as compared to those professional bloggers).

    ChampDog.Blogspot.Com was founded in 2006 too but I didn't have any ideas to do with it so what did was just simply post any topics that I have mind. However recently, when I looked back of what I posted, it just looked like rubbish to me. Therefore, I decided to reinvent and rewrite this blog. At least the intention is to write of something that I really like to talk about. The blog is named "A Free Thinker's Perspective Blog" to discuss anything that from a free thinker's perspective which may include Philosophy, Religion, Relationship and etc (I don't know yet).

    What is Next?

    To be honest, I don't know. Perhaps you can tell me...

    [Update - 3 March 2014]: Started a new food blog in mid of 2012, it is called Double Food Reviews. I just want to document all the nice food that I like but I can't catch up in the blog. There are just too many and I just managed to post few. :)

    Also, I recently had just migrated to Australia. So 2014 is completely a new start for me.  I will still continue to blog whenever I feel free.

    What is Life?

    Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, April 10, 2010

    This is a very short question but the answers could be very complicated. A very funny thing is there are 2 people in this world:

    • People to make a simple things to be complicated
    • People to make a complicated things to be simple.

    If you try to find the definition of life in the dictionary you will find similar definitions as follow which I believe is the first people I mentioned above:
    • The condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally (source:
    What a crap? I can just summarize this whole thing as "Life is Anything that Can Breathe" - the second people that I mentioned above. For example, human, animal, fish or plant has life. That's it. :)

    Okay, this is at least generally how people define "LIFE" and I have slightly different definition than the general. I define life as:

    Anything that Can Move by Its Own
    1. Human, animals, fish and bird can move, thus they have life - similar to the general definition.
    2. Plants can grow, thus they have life too - similar to the general definition.
    3. Object such as chair, pencil, mouse, keyboard and etc have life too - Opps!
    You may think that objects such as what I mentioned above cannot move by their own, so they can't be called Life. This is only true if you look at from our human eyes perspective, yes they can't move. But what if you look at them from the microscopic perspective, they are in fact consist of millions of atoms and insides these atoms, there are "MOVING" electrons. So, they're are in fact can move by their own! So in other words:

    Everything Has Life

    A very important concept that we must understand is everything is this universal is moving. That is called "progress". You can also said, when one day everything has no progress, then we have no life in the universe. But will it happens? Yes, it might! However as for this point in time, everything is in progress, therefore everything has life. Everything is in progress because everything can move by their own.

    Of course they're many reasons why one wants to answer the question and of course this is really personal. So, you probably have already known the answer before you get into here. Let's see if your answer is stated here. If no, please share yours. :)

    • To prove that you're better or powerful or knowledgeable (or whatever you would like to call) than the one who asks the question
    • To convince the one who asks questions that your answer is the correct one
    • To share your answers to the who asks the questions so that 2 of you can learn together
    • To guide the one who asks the question to get the answer by themselves.
    • To fulfill your own purpose such as being told by your boss to do so and etc.

    You probably haven't realize that the ultimate purpose of answering question is NOT to influence the person who ask the question but at the same time to help them to get the answers that they want.

    However in reality, as long as we answer a question and no matter what, you will influence the decision or the thinking of the person who ask a question. So in other words, you can't answer the question at all ultimately. So you may ask, what is the purpose of answering question if we can't answer the question?

    It is very clear that the purpose of answering question is not really to help others but yourself. This is because no matter how hard you try, you will end up influence the decision of another person. To completely avoid that, you must NOT know the answer and start answering the question for yourself. In short regardless of whether you're answering for yourself and for somebody else, the purpose of answering question is always the same which is:

    "To Help Yourself to Get the Answers of the Question that You Don't Know"

    In other word - when someone asks you a question, you should only answer a question that you don't know and tell the answers to him by answering to yourself.

    p/s: I know this may seem confusing and a lot of you may disagree with this. Let me know if you have any comments.

    What is the Purpose of Asking Question?

    Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, April 04, 2010

    The very first IMPORTANT THING that you MUST know before you ask any question is that you have to understand that NO ONE can tell you the answer but ONLY YOURSELF. So now you may think, what is the point of asking question? The point or the purpose of asking question is very simple:

    • You want to know how others think of their own answers for a particular question that you have in mind.

    Therefore you need to keep in mind that the purpose of asking a questions is not seeking for the answers. You're basically seeking for an opinion how other thinks of the answers of the question that you have. You still have a choice to choose the answer that you want.

    Now, let's think of it. I just tell you an answer of the purpose of asking questions. So, what is the purpose of asking question in your opinion?

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    Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, April 03, 2010

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