Does Any Movie Explain the Concept of Looping?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, April 28, 2012

Someone asked me this question whether there is any movie out there that explains the concept of looping that I mentioned in my blog. In fact, yes there is one and it is one of the best movie that I have ever watched other than “The Matrix”. The movie is called:


Not a new movie, this movie was released in 2009. I’m surprise why this movie is not well known enough. I guess you have not heard about it too, right? It is basically undervalued in my opinion. I will say this is the marketing fault. So now you know it, please watch this movie and I’m sure you won’t regret. You may also need to watch it few times to understand what exactly is happening and yet I guarantee you may still confused after that.

This movie was directed and wrote by Christopher Smith with the key main actress, Melissa George. You can check out more information here.

I also found a full movie in YouTube (see below) but I”m not sure the copyright issue. Anyhow, I encourage you to buy the original DVD because it is a good movie for collection too.

What so amazing about this “Triangle” movie?
  • It explains the “concept of looping” that I mentioned in my blog. The movie doesn’t just show single loop but it shows loop within loop and also outer loop. Most of us experience only single loop because we haven’t never gone out of that loop. Who know if we shorten our loop path and look at that from higher level, we may experience what Jess (the main actress in the movie) experienced in the movie?
  • It is totally unexpected. You will not know “exactly” what is going on until you watch until the middle of the movie. Even after that, you still do not know what is going on until you watch it until the end. If at the end, you may thought you understand but in fact you may not. Watch it few times then you will know what I mean here.
  • Every actions, every words and every scenes in the movie mean something. There is a reason for all those actions,scenes or whoever just says something but you may not even realize it until the end of the movie or you watch it again and again. I salute the writer of this movie. He is really awesome!
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