What Happens After Death?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, September 17, 2011

Different religions have different answer to such question or perhaps different free thinkers have different answers for that questions as well. What really confuse you now is "If everyone has a different answers, how could all religions are the right one?" Interesting isn't it? But I will cover that next after I answer this question from my free thinking perspective. Let's see how I answer this question.

In order to answer this question, I need to recap of my previous posts or articles. Let's do a recap here. The first thing you want to know about death is life. What is life? Life by majority of definition is "Anything That Can Breathe". When the life is stop breathing, it is called "Death". Is this your death definition? If yes, you can read on. If no, this article doesn't answer that. You need to let me know what is your definition of death then so that I can give you a better explanation.

In fact strictly speaking, there is no death at all especially if you look beyond human's perspective. This is because life is anything that can move by its own and it is always in progress state. So, there is no death at all. However, if your death here is meant by human death, then that is called milestone in the entire system. So after this milestone, where do you go? This answers what happens after death...

"After Death, You Move On to Another Milestone"

So now this "Another Milestone" is the thing to argue here because that is where the religions out there define their own "Another Milestone". So what is this exactly the "Another Milestone"? What is the truth? Well, if all religions are right, what do you think is the answer? Yes, all milestones are right one too. There is nothing to argue about. The most important that you want to understand is after death, you're basically moving to another milestone. We can discuss more about this "another milestone" in the next topic especially you do not satisfy with this answer. :)

P/S: Disagree with me? I love your disagreement and I appreciate you can also comment here to share your thought. :)

Which Religion is Right?

Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, June 26, 2011

Most of the religions always think they are the right one and deny other religions. For instance, from a Christian perspective, if you believe in Christianity, you will have a chance to go to Heaven but if you DON”T, you are basically 100% guarantee going to the hell. So all non-believers of Christianity will eventually go to hell and suffer there.

To make it a little bit complex here, even not all Christians have a chance to Heaven too because there are 2 big gangs of Christianity. The first one is called (1) Catholic and the second one is called (2) Protestant. Basically one denies another and vice-versa. What it means here is according to Catholic, Protestant will be 100% guarantee to go hell afterlife and on the hand according to Protestant it is the other way round. Okay, now you TOTALLY CONFUSED! Which one is the RIGHT ONE?

Can you see the problem here? If you follow either one of them, you have chances to follow the wrong one. Then how do you know you’re following the right one? Unfortunately no one can give you that answer except for yourself. So you make your own choose and decide which one is the right one. Does this sound familiar with you? That is in fact what I call “Free Thinking” philosophy which is you have the freedom to choose! At the end, the decision is all up to you…

Well, you may still do not satisfy because you’re looking the ultimate right religion for you! Okay, let me ask you this. Do you think most of the religions out there now is meant for the good? If your answer is yes, what do you think of the ultimate right religion for you? Yes you got it, every religion is the right religion! All the religions are the right one. The only thing that probably makes them the not so right is they deny the rest.

So now you start wondering is there any religion that do NOT deny the rest? Well, there is ONE and that religion is called “Buddhism” - well strictly speaking, Buddhism is NOT a religion as I mentioned in my previous post. The reason why Buddhism doesn’t reject or deny other religions is because in Buddhism’s perspective, everyone of us is “Buddha” regardless of what religion you are. Whether you’re Christian or Muslim, you’re eventually moving towards the same direction.

If you hear any Buddhist deny other religions or said the teaching in other religions is wrong, he is probably do NOT fully understand the Buddhism or perhaps haven’t reach the 100% understanding of Buddhism.  I do not surprise if you hear that because too many Buddhists  out there do NOT know know what Buddhism is really about.

Well, back to the original question of this post. Which religion is the right one? Well, what do you think? Buddhism? Perhaps you may not understand what I have said so far, here you go my answer to this question:

All religions are the right one.

Note: Let me give a quick high-level explanation of the terminology being used here just in case you don’t know them:
  1. Judgement Day – This is the day “God” judge you whether you should go to Hell or Heaven.
  2. Hell – A place that you’re being punished for all the sin that you have. Basically you will be suffering here!
  3. Heaven -  A very peaceful place. There won’t be any suffering here.

Is Buddhism a Religion?

Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, March 20, 2011

This question may be raised especially when you start knowing or researching in Buddhism – Is Buddhism really a religion?  Well, let me ask you this. Does that really a matter to you? Isn’t all that based on your definition of “religion”?

Alright it does matter to you and you insist want to you know the answer, then let me ask you this question. 
Is freethinking a religion? 

If your answer is yes, then Buddhism is a religion. If your answer is no, then Buddhism is NOT a religion.  This is only true if you 100% understand what Buddhism is all about.
Human has already defined Buddhism is a religion and freethinking or freethought is NOT a religion. You can just check it out the definition of religion and freethinking by wikipedia. Let’s set this as baseline of our discussion. The confusion happens when you start getting closer to understand the Buddhism, then you soon realize that Buddhism in fact is a free thinking philosophy.

Can you see the contradiction here? Buddhism is a religion but it is also a freethinking philosophy (after you fully understand what Buddhism is about). However, freethinking is NOT a religion. So, what is Buddhism now? 

Well, this goes back to the people who define Buddhism as religion because they do NOT think Buddhism is a freethinking philosophy but it is. This is due to lack of understanding about Buddhism concept when this definition is defined.

Thus, technically speaking Buddhism is NOT a religion if you 100% understand what Buddhism is about. So my answer to this question is:

"No, Buddhism is not a religion"

P/S: This is only assuming freethinking or freethought is not a religion which is the common understanding. :D 

[Update: June 16, 2012]: What is Buddhism?