Does God Really Exist?

Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'm a free thinker and I'm always being asked by my friends that "Do I believe in God"? I find it difficult to answer the question especially for those who believe in God.The reason is that I believe God does exist but HE is not the ultimate source. HE is probably the ultimate source for all of us, but HE may not be ultimate source in the entire universe - I explained that in my previous article: What is the System? Therefore, to answer this question:

Yes, God Does Exist

You may argue that by the definition of "God", it is the ultimate source of everything (the entire universe). Then, my answer to that question will be No, God Does Not Exist. To a lot of people who believe in God will think that I do not believe the God because I do not believe in ultimate source. Well, I have different opinion on this. Well, I do believe the existence of God but he is not the ultimate source in the entire system. God is only the ultimate source within someone's world view or perspective. Is God the ultimate source? Yes, it is only within someone's perspective.

To argue whether there is an ultimate source out there, all back to the question whether do you think our universe is always in progress state or static? I prove that (did I?) our entire universe is always in progress, therefore I can conclude that there is no ultimate source in our entire universe. Does that make sense to you?

I'm sure many of you will disagree with me but I"m completely opened to all kinds of comments! God does exist within our world view and I don't deny the existence of God. :) So if you understand correctly what I was trying to say, it is all about perspective....

  1. Michael Tsen August 18, 2010  

    if God exist and your perspective is not then you are wrong, if God does not exist and your perspective think so then you are still wrong. So this 'perspective' argument helps almost nothing but just asking the question in a different way while trying to make it looks like an answer.

  2. ChampDog August 19, 2010  

    By my definition, God is something powerful that able to control everything within our own world (or I call it our system in my previous post).

    Because I believe there're hierarchy of systems, therefore this thing exist as long as He is something at higher level than our system. Therefore I'm saying God does exist...

    Perspective what I meant here is: He is our God and He could be slave at the same time too and We could be God too and yes, there could be many Gods too, or he could be the ultimate one.

    Unfortunately, all these cannot be proven right or wrong so it ends up to your own perspective and it depends on which system you're in to perceive Him and which way you want to look at Him...

    Btw, since we talk about perspective, I think God could be exist only if we perceive the exist else He will not exist. It is a same thing the other way round. If real God exist, there will be 2 Gods. Another one is the perceived God. But don't forget the "real" here is also another perspective...

    So this perspective thing could end up to be a very complex thing and the key thing is we must understand that is the perception that we all make and learn how to let go. I sound like talking about "The Lost Finale" series. lol...

  3. Michael Tsen August 19, 2010  

    as earlier comment, if perspective is as such as you claim, it should be irrelevant in this topic at all.

    " God could be exist only if we perceive the exist else He will not exist"

    then you are reversing your earlier definition. So now system 1 only exist if and only if system 2 perceive so ? and yet system 2's milestone can only be set by system 1.

  4. ChampDog August 19, 2010  

    Yes, it could be. I can continue to talk about this more in the next few topics.

    Okay this part is getting more interesting and maybe more complex and create confusion but anyway, I t will try to explain.

    I think you mixed up the system 1 & system 2 but understand what you're trying to say here.

    A person can go into system 2 from system 1, there is no restriction on that. Assuming God is in system 2 and system 1 is our world. Yes, we can create God and we can become God too (if you're powerful enough). This is what I really meant by that statement (God could be a perception of all of us, we created Him - one of the possibilities)...

    So, the entire system could be very complex. This is just one of the possibilities: We created a God to control all of us and yet we don't have the control over ourselves. Sounds ridiculous huh?

  5. Michael Tsen August 19, 2010  

    it may sounds complex but its really not, what you have been doing is to put a simple x^y^z concept into a linear thoughts of (((x.x...).y.y...)..z...)

    hence it only looks complex and you are evolving among A-B-C-B-A without really answering any of the questions you asked.

  6. ChampDog August 19, 2010  

    I thought the linear thoughts is simple?

    Am I looping myself? Perhaps that is how the world works, always in loping mode. Infinite can be considered as looping too, can't we?

  7. Michael Tsen August 19, 2010  

    yes it can. how did the loop get started ? what is before the loop ? what comes after the loop ?

    if there were a start, then your philosophy does not stand.

    if there weren't a start, then the loop does not exist.

    hence, trying to figure out the loop from within the loop is an useless effort, no matter which system you are referring it from.

  8. ChampDog August 21, 2010  

    Inner loop and outer loop? The entire inner loop is part of loop in the outer loop? Something like how the atoms, planet and galaxy works?

    So it never gets started, and it is still infinity.

    I'm just throwing out my thoughts and I think this could be "chicken and egg" problems.

    So, are you believing there is a start? Let's assume if there is start, who start it? So the discussion will never end. It back to the basic fundamental of believe: Do you believe everything is in progress? I explained that in my previous post that why I think so.

  9. Michael Tsen August 22, 2010  

    i already responded that even if everything is in progress NOW doesn't prove that isn't a START. it was just your perspective and unfortunately doesn't stand that strong.

    Saying the infinity is always as it is without a START is almost EXACTLY the same as saying there is a START and then there is this infinity. Either way, its a matter of DEFINITION. You have just defined the start as an infinity. While others have defined a START then this infinity. BOTH do NOT make any differences to our observation today, the only differences is one think there is an END and the other NOT. Which goes back to your perspective concept. If all these BS is subject to perspective, there is really no such questions as ... does god really exist.

    i am quite sure this sum it up.

    i am still waiting what the NEXT article will be ... please keep posting.

  10. Michael Tsen August 22, 2010  
  11. Cynthia Peña August 23, 2010  

    I believe God exists. period.

  12. ChampDog August 23, 2010  

    I agree with you this does sum it up but keep in mind that perspective is a very important fundamental concept that we all need to understand. Different perspective produces different results and understanding. That is unfortunately how our entire universe works which is subject to perspective. Whatever right today can be proven wrong in future or in another perspective because the “right” only happen within a certain perspective. This also tells “everything is in progress”.

    I know the definition is the tricky part and I understand that it is all about definition. I define “Everything is In Progress” and I have reasons why I said that as I mentioned in my previous post. We thought a lot of stuff is static but eventually it is still moving (e.g. An object is static but the electrons inside the object is moving. We stand static, but in fact the earth is moving around the sun. So, we’re moving too). Static object has been always proven wrong when we look at it from different perspective but not the other way round about moving object. Moving object is always moving and can we prove moving object is in fact static?

    Thanks. I will keep posting the NEXT article. I have been busying replying your comments and thanks a lot for commenting. Your comments are very helpful. Also thanks for the links from your blog, I very appreciate that.


    I’m glad that you comment on my blog. IMO, yes God does exist but only within a certain perspective or within a system depends on how you want to look at. I know this could be sensitive subject to discuss especially one is very believing in God.

  13. Marcus Ng August 24, 2010  

    Because the universe progresses, that's why there is an ultimate source. As long as something progresses, it means that it started from something relatively small before expanding, so small that it's invisible to the naked eye. That's how the big bang theory came about, which directs us to believe in a certain way that God exists (:

    But to claim to be a free thinker, one must first ask, how do you define a 'free thinker'? A person who believes in all religions, or a person who just merely respects the general values most religions teach?

  14. ChampDog August 25, 2010  

    If that is the case, what is before the big bang? So, we limit this to use the "God" to be defined as ultimate source? What is beyond the God? Where does the God come from? God is just a definition (for most people) to limit an infinite boundary. Anyway, this is my opinion for the sake of discussion and I have no meaning of offend anyone here.

    I agree with you. One should clarify what does the free thinker means to him. You're right and I think everyone defines free thinker differently. I do have a very interesting definition about free thinker but again may be disagreed by most people. I can cover that in my next articles.

    Just a few comments about "respect" other religions, it doesn't make them a free thinker. Almost all religion teach us to respect all other people religions.

  15. Sleeping Subject August 31, 2010  

    I really enjoyed this article!

    While I can't make the leap just yet to say that I believe God does exist, I do agree with your idea of God. I think that if God does actually exist, he most likely is not the ultimate source over EVERYTHING, but only the ultimate source of our local reality or some other finite "creation."

  16. ChampDog September 02, 2010  

    Thank You! :) Yes, that is what I meant about Him. He is a living object like anyone of us.

    I think the God existence is really depending on how much the person who believe in Him. If we don't believe in Him, he is not there. If you believe in Him is there.

    Whether in reality, He is out there or not. Yes but He is not as you think as the real ultimate source of everything because there is no such thing if our entire universe is at infinite stage.

  17. Anonymous July 29, 2013  

    The discussions are always more interesting then the blog, that's why forum is more popular than blog

  18. Anonymous July 29, 2013  

    The discussion on God or not, has been discussed all over the forums .... There r always few groups of people holding own perspective and try to voice out or fight against each other. Most of them are like cats chasing its own tail and make the topic looks like a fool to himself because it shows things change over time or repeating over time. Maybe bloggers only exist because they don't like discussion and more like a loner's diary than open discussion. Cos discussion can never come to an happy ending in this case.

    I think there are words could be replaced in this blog.

    Maybe God or perspective shouldn't be the only two Subjects in this blog. Maybe there are more words like ET could be included in the blog.

    Yet, it's just an anonymous' perspective ....

  19. ChampDog July 29, 2013  

    I think both forums and blogs are good platforms for open discussion and I don't think blogger doesn't like discussion is a true statement. I will say most bloggers will love discussion very much instead unless they disable the comment section.

    This blog covers not just God and Perspective but also other things that come into my mind. I can talk about ET or Alien too in my future topics.

    By the way, what is your comment specifically related to this post “Does God Really Exist”? Sorry, I don't catch that. Perhaps you can help me out?

  20. CMJ October 02, 2013  

    ChampDog, please peruse my interpretation of Hinduism and the Hindu God, Vishnu.

  21. Suresh Ramachandran October 24, 2016  

    Dear ChampDog, Please understand the concept of Brahma.In our words "The system".
    In that the smallest universe in an atom with electron proton and neutron.From there please understand the concept of infinity.

    you and god are not to entities.both are one.That concept is called Adwaitham.

    Suresh Ramachandran