Is Free Thinker an Atheist?

Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, November 14, 2010

While I was chatting with with a Christian friend, she asked me that what religion I”m. I basically told her that I do not have any religion, and I’m free thinker. Here you go the conversation between us:

Friend X: You’re then Atheist.
Me: Not exactly. I”m a free thinker.
Friend X: Do you believe in God?
Me: Yes, I do.  I think the answer is no based on your definition of God.
Friend X: Huh?
Me: Hmm… I think you can just say I don’t believe in God then.
Friend X: I see. So you’re an Atheist.
Me: Am I? Not exactly. I think I’m still a free thinker. :)

By definition, Atheist is someone who does NOT believe in God. Okay, this sounds pretty clear. But let’s look at the definition of free thinker which I found in dictionary (source: wordweb) which stated free thinker is:
  • A person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it.
  • Someone who does not hold many accepted opinions or beliefs.
Huh? I think these definitions of free thinker is “WRONG” or maybe I should say it is NOT completely “RIGHT”. I think a person who believes or NOT believe in God could be a free thinker.  A person who does or doest NOT hold any beliefs could be a free thinker too. This is because the definition of the “Free Thinker” is:

A person who has complete freedom to choose whatever they would like to think.

    In others words, a free thinker can choose whatever they want to believe and they aware of the choice they made. The “Complete Freedom to Choose” is the key here.  So, is free thinker an Atheist? There answer is “No”. Is Atheist a free thinker? The answer is “Perhaps Yes” !!!! 

    Why I said “Perhaps Yes”?

    If you’re an Atheist and you do not have the complete freedom to choose, you’re NOT an free thinker. However, if you fully aware that you choose to be Atheist, then you can consider yourself as free thinker. This may sounds confusing but let me ask you another question. If you’re an Atheist, would you believe in God if I can prove HIS existence to you? If your answer is YES, you’re a free thinker. If your answer is NO, you’re not a free thinker. You’re an Atheist. I hope this clears up everything.

    Similarly if you’re Christian or Muslim, you could be a free thinker too if you believe you still have choice to choose whatever you want to believe. I know this is a little bit sensitive here but this is my opinion on free thinker. So now back to this question of: "Is Free Thinker an Atheist?"

    “No, Free Thinker is NOT an Atheist but Atheist could be a Free Thinker”.

     Does this make sense to you?

    1. Michael Tsen April 30, 2011  

      yes, Free Thinkder is not a buddhist but a buddhist can be a free thinker.

      despite whatever religion a person is with, he or she can still be a free thinker.

      As a matter of fact, everyone is a free thinker, even for those who think they are not.

    2. ChampDog May 01, 2011  

      Nice said and you're actually saying the awareness. Do you aware that you have already made a choice? Some don't and some do.

      Well, my opinion is this, if you do not aware of you're a free thinker, you're not. The awareness is the key. Everyone starts with free thinking but it doesn't mean they will continue to be free thinker. :)

    3. Michael Tsen May 19, 2011  

      subject to debate, if you 'think' you are 'aware' that you are 'free', then perhaps the thought of thinking that you are free ... is not really free at all.

      how do one know he is aware but only to think so ?

    4. ChampDog May 21, 2011  

      Thus, the awareness is infinity and always in progress to the higher level of awareness. :)