Who Define the Milestones?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, May 15, 2010

As per discussed in my previous post that we are in progress to infinite milestones but one question that we have in mind is that "Who Define the Milestones?"

Two questions that most people have in mind are: Is it God? or Is it ourselves? You may think that a free thinker's answer will usually to be themselves and religion person's answer will usually is God. Unfortunately both are not really the answer. The answer is:

The "SYSTEM" defines the milestones.

Yes, the answer is the system. However, there are 2 very important concept here:
  • If you're WITHIN the system, the milestones are defined by the system. 
  • If you're OUTSIDE of the system, the milestones within the system are defined by you. However, the milestones outside of the system are defined by another system. 

You get it right that we're in fact live in a nested system and this nested system is infinite which also explains why the milestones are infinite too. Again, the basic fundamental is similar to how our universe works which is there is no ending and no beginning. So now the next question is: What is the SYSTEM? Is system here refer to the UNIVERSE?

If there is no beginning and no ending in your universe, where are we in progress to? We're in progress to where? Are we in progress to nowhere? Are we in progress to somewhere? Is there a destiny for every single of us?

I know probably many of you will think I"m talking crap here but if you really understand how the universe works, the ultimate answer for this question is:

"We are In Progress to Infinite Milestones"

The answer is very simple because our universe is always in the non-stop continuous process which also mean there is no beginning and no ending in this universe. It has no boundary and it is an infinite system. However, every single "LIFE" in this universe must has a purpose to somewhere and this somewhere is called the milestone which eventually leads to another milestone and so on.

So now it leads to another interesting question. Who define the milestone?