Is Timeline Of Religion Important?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, December 20, 2014

Recently I visited a Jewish Museum in Sydney what interested me the most is I saw a chart basically stating timeline of religion being recorded in the history. After came back from the visit, I tried to Google it to find out which religion comes first. Then I figured out some religions are possibly derived from another.  But wait, is that important all?

No, Timeline of Religion is NOT Important

After a while, I figured out it is not important at all. In fact, it is totally irrelevant. Who comes first is not important at all. The reason is basically we're in the looping system - everything is looping. When everything is in looping, whoever comes first is irrelevant. You may appear to come first but in fact you come later. In fact, you can be both!

The next question to ask is which one is the truth? Which religion is closer to the truth? This actually has been answered by my previous post - which religion is right?

Let's assuming there is a ultimate truth, who is closer to the truth is not religion dependent, it is in fact very personal dependent. It depends on the person, not religion. If there is a ranking system to rank how close a person to the ultimate truth, the first place could be a Muslim, the second place could be a Christian and third place could a Buddhist and vice-versa. It doesn't really matter actually.

However, if you're thinking closer to the ultimate truth is religion dependent, then you're probably stuck - maybe most people are? Furthermore, the ultimate truth is NOT out there. :)

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

What is Enlightenment?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, June 28, 2014

In religion especially for Hinduism and Buddhism, enlightenment basically means you have reached the highest level of awareness or in other word you have gone to a place called "Nirvana". This nirvana is the ultimate place but I have a slightly different opinion than this.

Many people misunderstand the enlightenment is generic but it is not. It is very much very specific to a person depends on how he or she perceives the system that he or she is living in. Let's read this is post: what exactly is the system? to get an idea what system that I mean here.

Let's assume there is an ant living on earth. Does he know that the earth is round and rotating itself? He doesn't know but when he knows one day, it is called enlightenment but is it ultimate? No, because one day he may find out the earth is rotating around the sun and he is enlighten again. In other word, he has gone to a higher level system.

It is very similar to "Nirvana" which is defined or perceived by human. Nirvana to the ant is understanding the earth is round and rotating itself. To human's nirvana, it is something else. To you maybe is another thing. That's why enlightenment is very specific to a person.

To make it slightly confusing, one cannot be considered as enlightenment if he still can't define the milestones in the system where he came from. If he can't, he is not enlightened yet, it also means he has not "fully" understand the system yet. See this previous post: who define the milestones?

So, what is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is State of Fully Understand a System