What Happens After Death?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, September 17, 2011

Different religions have different answer to such question or perhaps different free thinkers have different answers for that questions as well. What really confuse you now is "If everyone has a different answers, how could all religions are the right one?" Interesting isn't it? But I will cover that next after I answer this question from my free thinking perspective. Let's see how I answer this question.

In order to answer this question, I need to recap of my previous posts or articles. Let's do a recap here. The first thing you want to know about death is life. What is life? Life by majority of definition is "Anything That Can Breathe". When the life is stop breathing, it is called "Death". Is this your death definition? If yes, you can read on. If no, this article doesn't answer that. You need to let me know what is your definition of death then so that I can give you a better explanation.

In fact strictly speaking, there is no death at all especially if you look beyond human's perspective. This is because life is anything that can move by its own and it is always in progress state. So, there is no death at all. However, if your death here is meant by human death, then that is called milestone in the entire system. So after this milestone, where do you go? This answers what happens after death...

"After Death, You Move On to Another Milestone"

So now this "Another Milestone" is the thing to argue here because that is where the religions out there define their own "Another Milestone". So what is this exactly the "Another Milestone"? What is the truth? Well, if all religions are right, what do you think is the answer? Yes, all milestones are right one too. There is nothing to argue about. The most important that you want to understand is after death, you're basically moving to another milestone. We can discuss more about this "another milestone" in the next topic especially you do not satisfy with this answer. :)

P/S: Disagree with me? I love your disagreement and I appreciate you can also comment here to share your thought. :)