If you follow my blog close enough or even if you don’t, you can start reading it now and you will eventually end up with this question: “What is Everything”? You maybe confused but let me try to explain but let’s look at what has been discussed so far.

Summary of My Previous Posts

Everything has life and life is anything that can move by its own. Therefore, our universe is always in progress state which also means there is no beginning and no ending in our entire universe.  Due to the fact that the universe has no ending and no beginning, it always in progress to infinite milestones which are defined by the system and the system is everything.

So by now you may realized that I started with “Everything” and it ends up with also “Everything”. So what exactly is EVERYTHING? You should have the best guess by now:

Everything is Looping

Let’s look at every life or any object that move by its own, how they move? They in fact all move in a loop. This is no exception to electron, earth and sun and so on all the way to the higher or lower of the system. Looping is the key no matter what perspective you’re looking at it. This also explains why “Deja Vu” happens and why people can predict the future. The reason is they have been in the loop before and they have gone through the path that they may aware or may not aware of it at all.

One very interesting thing here is, are they going to the same loop again and again? Not exactly! This is because the entire loop is looping too. When you start at point A then B, C, D and back to A (i.e. A->B->C->D->A). You seem to be back to A but not exactly because the entire loop (i.e. A->B->C->D) is just part of another loop system. You back to the point A and this point A may look exactly the same with your previous point A but it is NOT.

Let’s look at the diagram above and see if you can get it (Sorry, I lazy to draw myself and I used this electron diagram to illustrate this and hopefully you can get it). As you can see, while the electron (BLUE) is moving around the nucleus (RED), both of them are also in fact are moving too in one direction. So when the electron back to the point A where it started, it is technically not exactly the same place although it looks exactly the same place within the electron's perspective or worldview.

Therefore it leads to another very interesting conclusion is:  

We Think We Are that We Are Not!

  1. Anonymous October 28, 2010  


  2. ChampDog October 29, 2010  

    Thanks. I hope that makes sense.

  3. kampunginvestor November 11, 2010  

    Wah brother, you change your theme. This shows how long i never come. *shy shy* =.=

    Anyway why is not the same when the electron comes back to the same spot? It started at the same spot what.. Confuse..

  4. ChampDog November 11, 2010  

    I think you visited my other blog on personal finance not this blog. The theme over there is still the same which is no theme at all. Haha...

    This blog is more on philosophy and religion blog and not many people aware of it. Not dare to tell anyone because it may scare all of them away because of these craps or it could be the topic is just too sensitive! :) I'm glad you visit here and thanks for the visit! Hope you will not be one of the them that I scare away... lol

    Back to the topic, it is because the electrons and nucleus are moving too in one direction. Therefore, it is not exactly the same spot although it appears to be same especially from the electron perspective (assuming you're the electron itself).

    It is a same thing when you look at our galaxy. Is the earth coming back exactly at the same spot after 365 days? Not exactly because our entire galaxy is moving. You can look at the moon as example if you still don't get it.

    Hope that makes sense to you. Of course you can disagree with it if that doesn't makes sense to you. I"m happy that hear your comment or opinion even though is negative one. :)

  5. Mt. April 30, 2011  

    so everything is nothing ?

  6. ChampDog May 01, 2011  

    lol, that's in fact is the Buddhism philosophy - the emptiness.

    This is what I think, nothing is part of everything and everything is looping. So, the "nothing" is just part of the looping! :)

  7. Mt. May 19, 2011  

    is everything part of nothing then ?

  8. ChampDog May 21, 2011  

    Yes, it could be only if there is looping path form everything goes to nothing. At this point in time, I believe there is such path. Thus, yes, everything is part of the nothing too. :)