What is Buddhism?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, June 16, 2012

In my previous posts, I specifically talked about these 2 facts or maybe I should just call them my opinions:

So, why?  Why Buddhism is not a religion? Why ultimate Buddhism is a a free thinking? This is all because the main teaching of Buddhism is about one thing - "realization". Other words, you may call it awareness or enlightenment.You can look at my previous comment here for replying to one of the readers who questioned that isn't that Buddhism a belief too because they believe in Karma? Well, it is not. If you understand Buddhism as a belief, then you understand it wrongly. Let's read again on my previous comment from the link above. :)

It is All from Within
The most important element of Buddhism is about realization and it must be from within and not from external which means that you realize or aware of something by your own but not because of someone tells you something and you just believe in it. For example, a Buddhist teaches you about Karma concept. Is it the truth? No one knows in reality. Buddhism will ask you to figure the answer out  by yourself. It seems to be a truth is because more than one person who can able to discover the same fact but ultimately still you have to discover that by your own. What other people discovered is only as a reference for you regardless of who those people are (even if they're your Buddhist teacher!)  :)

So clearly with such teaching philosophy, isn't that Buddhism a free thinking philosophy? You're basically free to think whatever that you want. It is not belief too since most religions are about belief. Buddhism does not force you to believe in something. They only share with you what they know. Whenever Buddhism tells you something, it is meant for reference and you're not suppose to believe it without doing any homework. So, it is a religion? That obviously is not a religion right in my opinion.

Hope that makes sense so far, and I summary what Buddhism is about as follow:

Buddhism is a Philosophy to teach you how to Find Your Answer by Your Own