Is there a beginning in our universe?

Posted by ChampDog | Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is probably the most popular question that everyone has it in their mind and the fact is that no one really knows the answers except me. :D I'm just kidding but you can evaluate my answers whether it makes sense to you and I hope you will agree with my answer too whether our universe has the beginning. So, her you go my answer:

No, our universe does NOT have a beginning.

As I mentioned in my previous post that everything is in progress or moving in this world, so in order to prove that our universe has a beginning, we must prove that at least "SOMETHING" is "STATIC". The sad news is we're unable to prove that because every static objects eventually will be be proven wrong (which is in fact moving).

The PERSPECTIVE is a key. It really depends on which perspective you're looking at. We have seen many objects are not moving or in STATIC but if we look from another perspective, those objects are moving in reality. However, have you seen any "Moving" objects are in fact "Static" from a different perspective? The answer is clearly no. Even if the answer is yes, then you're probably looking at the perspective that similar to the "Moving" object (e.g. you're moving as the same direction and same speed with the object). This is not true because the static is only true with relative to you but not somebody else.

No matter how hard we try to prove anything that is static, it will always be proven wrong when we look at it from a higher perspective. Therefore we can conclude that if we ever can prove this universe is "STATIC" and has the beginning, it will be always proven wrong if you look at it from a higher perspective. So based on this argument, I will say ultimately our universe has no beginning and everything is in progress. This also means that our universe has NO ENDING too.

Does this make sense to you?

  1. Mt. August 18, 2010  

    einstein already explained this ever changing property as time. believing the fact that time exist doesn't prove time always exist. as in you exist now but it doesn't mean you also exist before you were born and after you die. hence, should there be a STATIC state, there wasn't time back then and hence there could still be a beginning.

  2. ChampDog August 19, 2010  

    If time doesn't exist, does that mean there will be a beginning? This is making assumption that the universe starts with the existence of time. But, what is time? Who creates it? Unless the time exist by it's own, then you're probably right.

    I agree with that time may not exist at all but it doesn't tell there is a beginning...