Can you prove our universe is in progress?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, April 24, 2010

If you read my previous post on what is life, you may noticed that I mentioned our universe is in progress because all the things in this world are moving. So now the big question is "Can I prove it scientifically?"

The thing is I don't need to because it had already been proven. Let's look at a static object around you (e.g. chair, table, laptop and etc.) Whether you're looking at the micro-perspective (i.e. electron are moving around the atoms inside an object) or macro-perspective (i.e. object on earth is moving along the sun), all the objects around you are in fact moving in reality. So, can I prove the universe is in progress?

Yes I can and you can prove it too, because all the objects in the universe are moving.

If our universe is NOT in progress, we must prove that all the things in this world must be STATIC. However, at this point in time we have no ways to prove (not even a single thing) in this universe is STATIC. Therefore, we can conclude that our universe is in progress.

Now it leads to another more challenging question is whether our universe has the beginning. You may argue that when this universe started, everything is in STATIC. Well, who knows?

  1. Michael Tsen August 18, 2010  

    the ONLY possible way the Universe is In Progress is that it existed in 2 or more STATIC, without a single STATIC the notion of progress doesn't make sense. hence in order to have Progress, there MUST BE STATIC, however, Static does not need Progress to be exist.

  2. ChampDog August 19, 2010  

    This is getting interesting and thanks for all your comments. I have 2 questions:

    (1)What do you mean by universe existed in 2 and more static? Why is that the only possible way the universe is in progress?

    (2)In order to have progress, there MUST be a static? Can you elaborate more why you think so? Any example?