What is the definition of GOD?

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, August 28, 2010

In my previous post, I talked about God does exist only when we look at him from a perspective that within a specific system. So now it lead to a question: What is God? What is definition of God? In my opinion, I think GOD is...

A living object within a SYSTEM that has Full Control over another System

He is still a living object because everything has life (of course, God has no exception too). Please keep in mind that God is till within the system which He has no full control over it. He is still within a system that consist of full of milestones that He will still need to go though and these milestones are defined by the upper system.

You may be confused that I mentioned God has "Full Control" over another system which could also mean that God defines the milestones in the system that he has the control. So now the question is, does God or System define the milestones?

If you look at from the perspective of a system that God has full control over it, God is the one defines all the milestones. However, if you look at this from the perspective of the entire universe which consist of all kind very complex nested of systems, all these milestones are defined by the higher-level of system. God is just part of the entire system. Therefore if you look from the higher perspective, it is the system that defines the milestones NOT exactly the God.

Disagree with me?

So now you may argue this is the "Chicken and Egg" problem. What is the different of saying the SYSTEM or the GOD to define everything! In my story, I just replace "God" with a "System" - Did I? I think this is really good question as also brought up by Michael Tsen in our previous discussion that I'm in fact going "NO WHERE" in the discussion. Also another comment: It doesn't matter anymore if all these things are about "Perspective".

First of all, all religion or philosophy topics will eventually lead to the "Chicken and Egg" problem. Don't you think so? To stop that discussion, God is then created and defined as an ultimate source of creator. Since I believe there is no beginning and ending in our universe due to the fact everything is in progress (why I think so), we can't get away from the "Chicken and Egg" problems - I wouldn't say that is the problem. I agree that you may argue that the SYSTEM can also be defined by GOD. However, that doesn't really matter because what I really want to bring out is these 2 important key points:
  • There is NO ultimate source or ultimate ruler of our entire universe.
  • Our entire universe is always in the infinite progress stage.
Talking about perspective, it is also a very important concept that everyone needs to understand. Why some religions believe their own God and deny the others? Why some don't believe in God at all? Why some believe in all Gods from different religion? One may say this doesn't matter anymore if all these things are about "Perspective" and what's the point of discussion?

No matter what you do (whether you talk about religion or your daily work or your argument and discussion with someone for any topics), it is all about "Perspective" which we can't run away from. Of course this eventually will lead to a different definition too.  However, does that mean there is no meaning of discussion? In my opinion, I think it is still important because we're still looking for a answer that we don't know and this is a progress too....

Discussion: What is your definition of God? Mind to share?

P/S: If God does exist, so how many Gods out there? If He is not an ultimate source, does that mean there are many Gods?

  1. Michael Tsen October 02, 2010  

    there are many gods. But there is only one God who is out of the 'system' of that God is in control with. all other systems fall within this 'system'.

  2. ChampDog October 03, 2010  

    And that God is the ultimate God in our entire universe...

  3. FishHawk October 22, 2010  

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  4. ChampDog October 22, 2010  

    Thanks! FishHawk. Yes, I like the image that you featured. I really appreciate that. :)