Do Hell and Heaven Exist?

Posted by ChampDog | Sunday, January 08, 2012

The answers to these 2 questions subject to the Hell and Heaven's definition. Let's look the definitions of hell and heaven that I get from a dictionary:

Hell's Definition
  • The world of the dead where you're being punished and suffer.
My take: A place of the dead? Hmm... why must be a place of the dead? To me a hell is simply a suffering condition and not really a place technically. This means it doesn't matter where you're, as long as you're in suffering, you're in hell. If we have to find a place to define hell, earth is the best place because most of us are suffering in some ways or another. Too bad, you are already in hell! :) lol

Heaven's Definition
  • A place beyond the sky with great happiness, delight, or pleasure
My take: A place beyond the sky? Why must beyond the sky? It is not necessary and it could be anywhere. Just like hell, a heaven is not place but is a condition that make you feel like a place. Great happiness, delight and pleasure, where you can get those? It is all within you. If we have to find a place to define heaven, sorry no one has the answer. Some religions called this place a "Nirvana" but it merely another definition like "Heaven".

So, do hell and heaven exist?

Yes but not necessary the hell or heaven is a place, it could be just a condition.

By the way, when you're Hell doesn't mean you will be forever in Hell. Same to when you're in Heaven, will you be forever in Heaven? No, the suffer and happiness will end and restart. When the suffer restarts, it could be no longer suffer. When the happiness restarts, it could be no longer happiness. Everything is looping, remember?

P/S: After death, we move to another milestone but it is not necessary a hell or heaven. It could be something else and it doesn't really matter because it is merely just another milestones.