If there is no beginning and no ending in your universe, where are we in progress to? We're in progress to where? Are we in progress to nowhere? Are we in progress to somewhere? Is there a destiny for every single of us?

I know probably many of you will think I"m talking crap here but if you really understand how the universe works, the ultimate answer for this question is:

"We are In Progress to Infinite Milestones"

The answer is very simple because our universe is always in the non-stop continuous process which also mean there is no beginning and no ending in this universe. It has no boundary and it is an infinite system. However, every single "LIFE" in this universe must has a purpose to somewhere and this somewhere is called the milestone which eventually leads to another milestone and so on.

So now it leads to another interesting question. Who define the milestone?

  1. Totomel July 28, 2010  

    i believe that life moves in time and all are heading to perfection in history - milestone upon milestone. but to where exactly? infinite milestone is so universal an answer, and so perfection. but to where we are actually heading is beyond our logic hence we are just limited to speculation.

    interesting blog. =) i will be willing to exchange link with you if you do the same favor for me. thanks =)

  2. ChampDog July 31, 2010  

    Thanks Totomel for your comment. Yes, each religion limits the speculation by defining the ultimate source. In Christian, Muslim and etc, it is the God. In Buddhism & Hinduism, Nirvana is the place. Those are the defined perfection by each religion.

    I personally think that there is no perfection at all in this universe. It exists only within a certain perspective or within a system that we can't never go beyond of that.

    Probably a better words that I may agree is "We're moving to a better place" But having said so, I think we will never reach the perfection because a perfection of something is always a non-perfection of something. That is the reason why everything is in progress...

  3. Michael Tsen August 19, 2010  

    when a person can not see the destination, he has no choice but to think he is in progress.

  4. ChampDog August 19, 2010  

    In a way, you're right too.If you know your final destination, then you won't think you're always in progress stage.

    One thing to keep in mind is that, milestone is the destination but may not be final destination. Once we reach the milestone, how do you know is the final one? Can we? What is the next? No more?...

  5. Michael Tsen August 19, 2010  

    in this context, the next milestone carries NO meaning whatsoever.

    if there is such thing as infinity as you mentioned, then eventually all things lead to ONE milestone, and that milestone is NO milestone.

  6. ChampDog August 19, 2010  

    Why no meaning? I become a boy, then later i become a man, a engineer and a father and just move on...

    If we lead to ONE milestone and that milestone is not the end. We will still move on to another milestone. I'm not sure exactly what you say there is no milestone if there're many milestones.

    I'm thinking whether the looping could be used to describe a system and explain why we see the infinite.

  7. Michael Tsen August 19, 2010  

    when you were a boy, man does not matter to you coz you may never become one.

    it easy to look back and use a limited history to justify unlimited future potential. but very often such induction is a wrong one or at least not a convincing one.