History of ChampDog

Posted by ChampDog | Saturday, April 17, 2010

ChampDog was a nickname that I invented when I started to use internet many years ago. However, this was not only the nickname that I had. It has it's origin...

Before ChampDog Was Invented

When I was young, people liked to call me "Sor San". The nickname is in Cantonese. "Sor" means crazy or insane and "San" is just part of my name. Most of my friends at that point in time thought that I"m crazy. Therefore, they gave me this nickname.

A very funny thing is everyone of  us had our own nickname in school. We didn't call each other our real names (except for teachers) but our nicknames instead. In fact for teachers, we had the nicknames for all them too!

I had been carrying this nicknames since primary school for probably 7 years until when I was in form 3 (secondary school) ...

"Sor San" Evolved to Susan

Unbelievable after 7 years,  this "Sor San" nicknames had evolved to become "Susan". It was discovered by one of my friends who did a same school project with me. From that time onwards, not all (probably 70% of the people in School) called me Susan. What a crap? I'm a man but they give me a girl's name...

Although I didn't really like this name but one thing I did like about this name is the name "Susan" is exactly the same real name with another girls that I really liked at that time. She sat in front of me everyday. I felt like I owned part of her (names only) therefore I don't really feel offensive when people called me "Susan".I just let it be...

Susan Didn't Last Long

This "Susan" nickname slowly died off as it didn't really reflect to who I'm really are except the pronunciation is a little bit similar to "Sor San". I don't think I was that "La Pek" - which means "Girlish" at that time. Due to my outstanding performance in school (I was upgraded from the worst class to the best class in school). Therefore, I was given a name "Champion". It was not really pronounced as the way English does but instead in Hakka (Chinese's Dialect) - it was pronounced as "Jump Pen".

"Jump Pen" didn't last long either. It probably last for less than 2 years. All these names (i.e. Sor San, Susan, and Jump Pen) had never come online because the internet was not popular yet at that point in time. So technically speaking, Sor San, Susan, and Jump Pen has never born in this virtual internet world. By the way, these names was given by others not even myself!

ChampDog was Born in mIRC

ChampDog was born when I was trying to figure out a nickname for my mIRC - Internet Relay Chat account. I guess that is very obvious the "Champ" was came from my last nickname. and "Dog" was simply just of my best friend during my young days. Dog was kind of like my soul mate rather than my pets and we talked about a lot of stuff. So, what I did was to combine this two to become "ChampDog".

ChampDog was first appeared on the internet in mIRC. It was fist getting very famous (I think) in mIRC - Internet Relay Chat. It was the founder for 2 quite popular channel in Malaysia that is #JB and #JOHOR. FYI - JB or Johor is one of the state located at the south of peninsular Malaysia. Perhaps you may not aware that being a founder of one of the channel in mIRC is like you're owning a company. I spent like almost 24 hours everyday to make sure the company runs smoothly.

ChampDog is Now Into Blogging

ChampDog in mIRC was eventually died off soon too after my graduation until 4 years ago I started a blog in 2006 to talk about my Journey to Become Financially Independent. Later on in 2007, I started another blog to talk about the Free Useful Software Review  that I have used before. I do have quite number of other blogs but these 2 blogs are the most active one (although not really active as compared to those professional bloggers).

ChampDog.Blogspot.Com was founded in 2006 too but I didn't have any ideas to do with it so what did was just simply post any topics that I have mind. However recently, when I looked back of what I posted, it just looked like rubbish to me. Therefore, I decided to reinvent and rewrite this blog. At least the intention is to write of something that I really like to talk about. The blog is named "A Free Thinker's Perspective Blog" to discuss anything that from a free thinker's perspective which may include Philosophy, Religion, Relationship and etc (I don't know yet).

What is Next?

To be honest, I don't know. Perhaps you can tell me...

[Update - 3 March 2014]: Started a new food blog in mid of 2012, it is called Double Food Reviews. I just want to document all the nice food that I like but I can't catch up in the blog. There are just too many and I just managed to post few. :)

Also, I recently had just migrated to Australia. So 2014 is completely a new start for me.  I will still continue to blog whenever I feel free.